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Hear what parents and students are saying…

The Utah Conservatory is a huge confidence builder and a safe place for my teenage daughters. They learn great things musically, but more importantly, they learn confidence in an emotionally safe and respectful environment. It's truly a unique place where they are loved, appreciated and encouraged for what they can do, It is definitely a refuge in their stormy lives.

Karen Howell

This is my first experience with the Utah Conservatory and I have to say it has been an incredible experience. The professionalism and care that they show toward their students is great. I've learned so much is a short period of time. If you want to further your musical experience I'd suggest stopping by their studio and see what they have to offer.

Ken McConnell

I asked my director how I might learn to make a better contribution to performance in the church choir. Without hesitation he sent me to the Utah Conservatory. I signed up for voice lessons and in just a few months they had a VOICE coming from that noise maker in my neck! I'm surprised at what learning good technique does for vocal performance. It's work, it's technical. And group classes and private lessons are fun! Instructors, staff and my fellow students are delightful. And now I'm doing a much better job for the choir.

Steve Sady

Utah Conservatory has significantly impacted my children’s development and has given them techniques to overcome their special needs and help them to blossom in a way I could never have imagined one and a half years ago.

Helen Bishop

“…we have been delighted to see her win regional singing competitions and place in a National competition in New York City.”

Mark Fischer

It has been our experience over these past years that their service and care to detail has been exemplary. The Conservatory offers something that no other music institution offers and that is excellence in teaching while promoting possible ways to enrich other people’s lives through music.

Barbara Roberts

I never realized the impact it would have on my life. I find myself looking forward to my classes each week and what wonderful new things I will learn. My life has become filled with more joy. I no longer let fear hold me back in all aspects of my life….I cannot say enough about what being a part of the Conservatory has done for my life. Who would have thought that music would take me on such a wonderful journey.

Dixie Spagnoletti

How can I thank you for all the joy you have given our family. Park City Arts & Music Conservatory are the highlight of our years here in Utah.

Nancy Parker

As parents, we are amazed at our good fortune to find such gifted and generous artists who teach with the same qualities with which they perform. If she can follow the examples in any work and in dealings with others (your talents being the way you uplift everyone you work with) we would be doubly fortunate.

Mr. & Mrs. Al Light

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